ZEMOS98 believes that culture can be a catalyst for social change, that education can take place anytime, anywhere, that migration is an information-sharing technology, that the remix is a tool for dismantling dominant messages, that mediation can be an educational tool, and that media and digital literacy is a right. The collective organised the groundbreaking ZEMOS98 Festival in Seville for 17 years. It has participated in many projects and initiatives relating to culture and migration, such as Transacciones/fadaiat, Indymedia Estrecho, the European Souvenirs and €urovisions live cinema projects, and Remapping Europe, and it coordinates the international Doc Next Network. ZEMOS98 has published and contributed to numerous print and digital publications, including the online platform on audiovisual culture, and the collaborative investigation on the affects economy Copylove (, in progress). ZEMOS98 books include Creation and Collective Intelligence (2005), La televisión no lo filma (2006), Source Code: Remix (2009), Expanded Education (2012), and Remixing Europe. Migrants, Media, Representation, Imagery (2014).