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Micha X. Peled produced and directed videos for the U.S. peace movement in the 1980’s. He made his first television documentary in 1992, while working as the executive director of Media Alliance, a San Francisco media watchdog group. When his mother sent him the manuscript of her life story he was motivated to make his first professional film. Will My Mother Go Back to Berlin was a first-person family story, produced for German television (WDR and BR). Winning awards on both sides of the Atlantic, Peled left his job to become a full-time filmmaker and never looked back. His next two films were Inside God’s Bunker and You, Me, Jerusalem. These films got wide distribution, airing on television in 14 countries in Europe, Australia, U.S. and Japan, establishing Peled’s international career.

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China Blue
China Blue

Micha X. Peled.

2005, United States of America, China. vo Traditional Chinese, English. 87’