Jérôme Emanuel Roos (1985) is a writer, activist and political economist. He studied at University College Utrecht, the University of Bologna, Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics, and is currently a PhD Researcher on the European Debt Crisis at the European University Institute in Florence. Jérôme has held a Fellowship at the Breakthrough Institute in Oakland, CA., he is a Co-Founder of Spearhead Action Group in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the Founder and Editor of Reflections on a Revolution. He is also a member of the FuturePress collective at WikiLeaks Central, as well as a volunteer for European Revolution, United for Global Change and Take The Square. Jérôme has appeared for short interviews on Al Jazeera, BBC World, Russia Today and The Real News. His pieces have been translated into Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Finnish, Slovenian and Polish, and have previously been picked up by Ian Katz (Deputy Editor of The Guardian), Jillian Dunham (Research Editor of The New York Times), Daniel Finkelstein (Executive Editor of The Times), Jacob Weisberg (Editor-in-Chief of, Ben S. Cohen (Huffington Post), and Max Keiser (financial commentator for Russia Today), as well as Michael Moore, WikiLeaks, CBC, ABC, Wired, ZNet, Adbusters, El Mundo, Der Spiegel, La Stampa, ITespresso, Forbes, and various other outlets.