Christine Stewart is a media artist, technician and educator based in Vancouver , BC. Her recent award winning work 'Phonebook' has enjoyed numerous national and international screenings. 'Phonebook' is one channel of a three channel video installation, entitled 'jane doe', which in 1998, marked Christine's first solo exhibition. Previously the Digital Media Coordinator at Video In Studios, Christine now works as a part time technician at Video Out Distribution, sits on the Board of Directors of the Satellite Video Exchange Society, is a casual Studio Assistant at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and is a freelance AVID/motion graphics editor and instructor. She has worked on over 200 artist, independant and community based productions since 1993. In 1996-97 she was the Systems Administrator at Western Front Multimedia. She has particpated in numerous activities within the media arts community, including training, mentoring, grantwriting, fundraising, jury particpation and project development. Other than soup, key interests include women and technology, issues of equity and humanitarianism, and the fine art of being down to earth.
The Phonebook
The Phonebook

Christine Stewart.

1998, Canada. vo English. 10’