Societat U de Barcelona - SUB
2013. Spain. vo Catalan. 88’   on-line

In 1985 the Government of Catalonia initiated the so called Cultural Agreement, which established culture as means for an understanding between left-wing and right-wing parties. Culture was destined to manage the new democracy’s rethorics. If some aspired to get the story of the country; some other, the story of the capital. The right-wing dreamed the myth of civil society; the left-wing with that of the citizen. And both saw the bourgeoisie as the symbol of their aspirations, and incidentally, how to overcome their antagonism. The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) was officially born in 1987 as a reflection of that dynamic. The common good was kidnapped since private interests were confused with public debate. The series of interviews this documentary presents wants to capture that process and provide keys of interpretation about the current cultural policies. With contributions from: Oriol Bohigas, Manuel Borja-Villel, Xavier Bru de Sala, María Corral, Josep Miquel Garcia, Daniel Giralt-Miracle, Joan Guitart, Bartomeu Marí, Miquel Molins, José Montilla, Jordi Pujol, Josep Ramoneda, Joan Rigol, Leopoldo Rodés, Gemma Sendra, Pep Subirós.