Alessandro Quaranta
2013. Italy. vo French. s Spanish. 7’   on-line

After awareness-raising work, I asked the students of a secondary school in the Alps of southern France to take the place of the sentries who once guarded the border between France and Italy during the Second World War.

What do places so full of memory convey? What do they tell teenagers who are juridically and geographically alien to them? I entrust them with the task of documenting every signal coming from the bottom of the valley, with recorders and video cameras, while unbeknownst to them, other people involved secretly film their reactions to the stimuli of the landscape and to a mysterious apparition that I have announced.

Waiting, observing, listening, watching, being open to the unexpected; like the soldiers, the pupils were open to signs coming from the outside world, as well as those from their own inner world.