Archivos del Observatorio, Lewanne Jones, Fred Barney Taylor, Abu Ali
2011. United States of America. vo English. 15’   on-line

The Observatory Archives invites Hakim Bey to reflect on this subject as a contribution to OVNI dis_Reality. Hakim Bey is the pseudonym of Peter Lamborn Wilson (EE. UU. October 1945 - May 2022), an American writer, essay writer and poet who describes himself as an “ontological anarchist” and a Sufi. His 1990 work TAZ: The Temporary Autonomous Zone made him famous. As well as writing a series of essays on the traditions of Chinese secret societies (Tong), Bey introduced the concept of the Temporary Autonomous Zone based on his research into pirate utopias. Bey has also written about figures like Charles Fourier and Friedrich Nietzsche, and on the links between Sufism and ancient Celtic culture. Along with these authors and theories, Situationism has also been an important influence in Bey's texts, which could be considered as an updating of its ideas for the present.