Anónimo en la Red
2010. France. vo French. 20’   on-line

“We were born into catastrophe and we have negotiated a strange and placid relationship with it, based on habit. A kind of intimacy, almost. As far as back as we can remember, there has been no reality but world civil war. We have been educated as survivors, as machines for survival. He have been trained in the idea that life consists of moving forward, advancing until we collapse in the midst of other bodies that are marching identically, that stumble and collapse, in turn, into indifference. At most, the novelty of this era is that none of this can be hidden any longer, that, in a sense, everybody knows how things stand. This is at the root of the recent, obvious, toughening of the system: their machinations have been laid bare, and it is useless to try and keep them secret...”