Anaís Mac Millan, Abram Roca
2021. Spain. vo Spanish. 13’   on-line

The idea for this short / interview arises from research work on youth and migration. From this interview, we want to focus on migration as a global and timeless phenomenon. Our intention is for the viewer to understand that young people share similar interests, expectations and objectives like access to studies, a job, a stable and safe home ...

Even though the phenomenon of migration is complex and we must take many factors into account, with this video we want to continue eliminating prejudices and rejection of migrants from all over the world, understanding that their objectives are not different from those of ours, but that many times in their countries of origin their integrity is compromised and violated and their opportunities to access a better life are limited, and therefore it is necessary to undertake a trip.

In this interview, Juliana tells us what prompted her migratory path, the unstable situation in which she lived, the opportunities she has had and her goals: to find a job, continue her studies, take care of her family ..., while she tells us how his grandfather was also a young migrant during World War II, in search of a better future.

Showing us how cycles repeat themselves and that it is necessary to create mechanisms and networks so that young people can emigrate in dignified and safe conditions.

This video is part of the Educational Agreement of collaboration between theOVNI Archives and the Department of Anthropology of the University of Barcelona -  UAB , for the curricular external practices of the students, of the academic year 2020-2021.

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