John Zerzan
2009. Spain. vo English. 110’   on-line

Today we experience a deepening crisis in every sphere, which urges us to rethink our acceptance of the most basic social institutions. The division of labor and domestication, the cornerstones of civilization itself, need to be problematized. The absence of fundamental critique would mean that we accept an unfolding, multifaceted disaster as merely inevitable. Might we find a new paradigm/ framework/vision that breaks out of the confines of failed earlier approaches to health and liberation? Keeping in mind that there should never be a single “correct” path, there is much promise in what is called anti-civilization theory, primitivism, and green anarchy in various parts of the world. Mass society and its technological imperative are now increasingly seen as the problem, not the solution. John Zerzan is an anarchist author and activist, and an editor of Green Anarchy magazine. His writings include Elements of Refusal (1988, 1999), Future Primitive (1994), Running on Emptiness (2002), and Twilight of the Machines (2008). He has also edited Against Civilization (1995, 2002) and (with Alice Carnes) Questioning Technology (1991).