Abdennur Prado
2009. Spain. vo Spanish. 95’   on-line

There is an anarchist essence inherent in Islam, which deserves our attention. Koranic cosmology states that a human being in the state of nature is a ‘slave (or serf) of Al-lâh, just as a sunflower is a slave of the sun, because they are organically linked. The concept of submission to a Single Reality (al- islam) does not translate into submission to human institutions, rather the reverse: it leads to a rejection of all external coercion as contrary to the nature of things. Muslims reject the limits that the market and the institutionalisation of life impose on their freedom, as an inner space in which intimacy with Creation becomes possible. The freedom that Muslims recognise is not political freedom under protection of the State, but an inner state/space that enables us to reject the world of representations, reject the fiction of power that some sheathe themselves in. This is based on idea that human beings are noble in essence, that their state of nature (fitrah) is superior to their state of culture. Ibn Jaldún says: “The political and educational order is contrary to the power of the soul because it embodies an instance of external control”.This point explains why Islam has been described as ‘mystical anarchy’. Abdennur Prado is a writer, president of the Catalan Islamic Council and co-director of the International Congress of Islamic Feminism.

https://libros.metabiblioteca.org/bitstream/001/262/8/978-84-92559-29-9.pdf https://libros.metabiblioteca.org/bitstream/001/262/8/978-84-92559-29-9.pdf