Sri H.W.L. Poonja Papaji
1992. India. vo English. s Spanish. 31’   on-line

Maya is “all that is and all that is not"...the complete illusion in imagination.” And with total, absolute, 100% watchfulness, it is possible to see Maya for what it truly is. With this awareness, with this attention onto the experiencer – without reliance on any practice, any method, or to any past or future achievements, you will discover in this split-second, who you really are. The secret of true happiness is revealed in this knowledge. “To cross this ocean of suffering called samsara you must have a raft; Satsang is this raft. Once you are on this raft, you need do nothing and nothing can bother you.” The secret of Satsang is revealed in this split-second. All desires are fulfilled – not abandoned – but fulfilled. Nothing more is desired. You have it all.