Three annotations on moving tectonic plates and mirages.

* Update 2022.


The Sound of Time

  • "Each new lie in advertising is also the admission of the preceding lie.  Each collapse of a figure of totalitarian power, reveals the illusory community that unanimously approved it, and which was only an agglomeration of solitudes without illusions." (1)


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    "The following presentation includes forward-looking statements about our future business plans and expectations. Actual results may differ materially than those expressed or implied in our forward-looking statemets. Forward-looking statements involve substantial risks and unvertainties related to our business, which are described in our latest Form 10-Q filed with the SEC, which is available on our investor Relations website at investor.fb.com and on SEC website at www.sec.gov. Any forward-looking statements made in this presentation are based on our beliefs and assumptions as of the date of presentation and we undertake no obligation to revise or publicly release the results of any revision to these forward-looking statements". (2)


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    " So, it's a little toy, from, like, the '80s. It's this, like, Ewok-looking thing that, like, beeps and, like, lights up. It was never really that popular." (3)



    The Sound of Time The Sound of Time The Sound of Time The Sound of Time

    The Sound of Time


    "Each successive truth in advertising is a confirmation of the previous truth. Similarly, when a totalitarian figure falls from power, it reveals the authenticity of the community that unanimously supported it, demonstrating that it was truly a union of individuals connected by shared illusions". (4)





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