Con altri occhi

Centre Cívic Pati Llimona
Maria Aurèlia Capmany Hall / Free access
Regomir, 3 / 08002 Barcelona

Wednesday 27 April / 19:00h

Presentation and screening of a selection of videos by Alessandro Quaranta.

A creative video practice of immersive listening with a symbiotic approach towards what catches the gaze. A search for essential images that speak for themselves. Questioning the landscape and the entities that inhabit it with our eyes.

Con la coda dell’occhio, 2010, 10’, Italy
The changing of the guard , 2013, 7’, Italy,VOSE
Con altri occhi, 2014, 13’, Italy, VOSE
Les animaux de Stella, 2019, 15', Italy

Alessandro Quaranta is a video maker. In his creative process adopts a symbiotic listening approach by diving into everything that attracts his attention: people, objects or animals, capturing them on video. Starting from the margins and the natural and political as well as material and immaterial boundaries, his videos also register sensitive situations and contexts. He pays particular attention to the existing relationship between spaces and the communities inhabiting or passing through them.