Territoire Perdu

Centre Cívic Pati Llimona
Maria Aurèlia Capmany Hall / Free access
Regomir, 3 / 08002 Barcelona

Friday 29 April / 19:00h

Presentation and screening of the film of Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd:

Territoire perdu, 2011,  France - Belgium,  75’ , Super 8mm, VOSC

Crossed by a 2400 km wall built by the Moroccan army, Western Sahara is today divided into two parts, one occupied by Morocco, the other under the control of the Western Sahara Liberation Front (Polisario).

Featuring accounts of flight and exile, endless waiting, lives detained and persecuted, from either side of the wall, Lost Land bears witness to the Sahrawi people, to their territory, to their confinement in each other’s dreams.

Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd is a filmmaker. His films are part of the cinema of the real, and have been shot in various regions of the world. Shot mostly on 16 mm and super 8 mm film, his documentaries, using a poetic cinematic gesture, bring together forgotten wars and destinies, the limits of reason and the human condition. They resonate as many other incursions on the edges of reality.