Bachelor Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (UB, 2012). MA Immigration and Social Mediation (Social and Cultural Anthropology (URV. 2013). She works from indiscipline, in a hybrid space that fluctuates between art and social sciences. His artistic pursuits explore the world of "re-presentation" rehearsing ways to share "the power of enunciation" through participatory / collaborative work. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions; Post-it City, Occasional Cities (CCCB), Breathing Time (Mas Esglesies) 2103 Biennial Valls (Valls), Extralocal (AVIC), Can we? (Can Felipa), Political Resistance (Fortuny Chamber), Time Invested (Can Felipa), A Dilema (Arts Santa Monica), Wide Angle (Fabra and Coats). Transmissions (Tingaldo 2), Translocations (Arts Santa Monica). She has had solo exhibitions in El Levante (Rosario, Argentina), New Zero Art Gallery (Yangon, Myanmar.), Artellewa Gallery (Cairo, Egypt). It has been selected for several social art residences as Artellewa, Levante, New Zero Art Space and Waaw (Senegal). Winner of Contextador 2013, CA Tarragona. Awarded the Prize Ciutat de Valls Biennial 2015. Guasch-Corantny.
Moi, un noir. Reloaded
Moi, un noir. Reloaded

Ro Caminal.

2015, Spain. vo Spanish. 65’