Raquel Marques
2020. Spain. vo Spanish. 60’   on-line

A new place in the world is revealed while Bea is confronted with loss and what she imagines will come. In the house that prepares itself to embrace change, fears dwell. An unforeseen loneliness also seems to be part of her desire, that of being a mother without a partner and a lesbian.

Raquel films her attached to a time when the two shared the same idea of community. As Bea’s body changes, the camera moves between affection and distance. An attempt to get to know each other (again), and perhaps also a need to wonder about family, love, friendship and all those desires that overflow the limits of intimacy.

https://raquelloureiromarques.com/tiempos-de-deseo/ https://raquelloureiromarques.com/tiempos-de-deseo/