Toni Serra  *)  Abu Ali


Harvest Time

The sheaves of wheat hide the thorns of the jujube... drops of blood are sown in the dust
the woman's belly enters full moon... announcing a still-distant October
the harvest is a time of Remembrance, of gratitude.




Gratefulness in Remembrance

We would like to share his memory here as a work in progress, bringing together Toni Serra *) Abu Ali’s personal work and also offering a point of reference from which to approach the subjects of his interest, opening up these links to his research and his world.

Toni Serra *) Abu Ali’s work is inextricably bound up with his life and his quest, and the OVNI Archives are an essential part of his research work. This is why we think that his work should be conserved and disseminated here, in the OVNI website, as an open legacy for those who knew him and those who may find him from this point forth.

Al Barzaj takes its name from the blog that Toni created and worked on over the years, compiling his video work and also encompassing his texts, lectures, interviews, and other projects. An oeuvre (his oeuvre) in which visions, dreams, stories, and encounters wove the fabric of his life.

We see this space as a particular reading of his legacy, by people close to him, which will gradually be filled in and expanded over time. One section is intended as a repository of videos, publications, and documents, just as he left them. Another section will gather, compile, and publish fragments of his thinking and his writing that are scattered through letters, emails, and working documents.

As his friends and life companions, we open up this space on the OVNI website for the purpose of continuing and disseminating his legacy through research, materials, encounters, and dreams. In the hope that it will endure as a living, open garden in his memory.

In the new cycle that has made itself felt in such a short time, it is hard for us to intuit what we are going through. The memory of the past and of lived experiences clears, little by little, and despite the sadness that accompanies loss, we start to reread his words and his images through different eyes.