The Center as the Border. Zones of Being and not Being.

March 2, 2016

  • 18:00
    Sahara Chronicle

    Screening. Hall and auditori CCCB.

    Transit migration through the Sahara is a large-scale collective experience that is best understood, perhaps, in its systemic dimension. Highly adjustable, these movements have generated prolific operational networks, systems of information and social organization among fellow migrants as well as interaction with local populations. The long-term video research Sahara Chronicle (2006-2009) works with a notion of geography both as social practice and organizing system. The project is an open anthology of videos on the modalities of migration across the Sahara. It introduces the migration system as an arrangement of pivotal sites, each of which having a particular function in the striving for migratory autonomy, as well as in the attempts made by diverse authorities to contain and manage these movements.

  • 19:00
    La frontera com a centre. Zones de ser i no ser.

    Screening. Hall and auditori CCCB.

    In global capitalism, the movement of bodies through borders takes the form of an asymmetrical dualism. One side of the border acts as a retaining wall, a knife that cuts territories, bodies, and genders. It is not driven to block access to the central zones of capital, but to bureaucratically manage the legality of the migratory flow, forking it into being and non-being. The other side of the border adopts a flexible interface, expanding endlessly in the space of the “other”, while preserving the impermeability of knowledge and identities.

  • 20:15
    Zones of Being and not Being in Barcelona.

    Colective Intervention.

    A supposed city-refuge that decides to prioritize the persecution of immigrants who survive by working in the informal economy. Barcelona's Immigrant Detention Centre (CIE), a zone of non-being par excellence, is closed for renovations and due to reopen. Good migrant, bad migrant. Refugees (only) welcome? The lines of power that run through the city will soon be exposed.

  • 21:45
    The West: A Media Fortress

    Intervention. Hall CCCB.

    Over the past few years, FortressEurope has been toughening its migration control devices in a desperate attempt to curb the failure of the project of modernity. In The West: Media Fortress we reflect – in light of recent events – on the productive and reproductive function of its organs of propaganda: the mass media. In their totalising ceremony we are outraged by the arrest of firefighters on the island of Lesbos as the bodies of children wash up on the beaches against a background of “likes”, banners, and ads telling us, “don’t way away, we’ll be back in six minutes”. How can we imagine new narratives if they can only spring from beyond the fortress? In a nutshell, how can we create new epistemologies?