• Tuesday 23 January 2024, 19:00h - 20:00h
    Centre d'Arts Santa Mònica. Barcelona.



    "I remember the frozen roses of a place nobody would even think to call home, I cherish the memory of a formless sense of time. I recall now that moment of nascent emotions when I began to exist, not only defined by this or that, but as a construction and as a presence beyond the confines of an old geometry. In the midst of that long-gone perpetual winter, where seconds stretched into eternity, there was a particular sense of existence, a continuity pictured in slow permutations that nothing could halt. In those early stages of my being, color had yet to be named or spoken. It was a time of humble innocence, an instant of blossoming dreams drifting freely through an almost nonexistent void. Millions of early images mirrored each other in chains, and conditional phrases were written, hoping these memories could take form and endure. The warmth of lights and shadows during those winter solstice nights and days often comes to mind.

    Injected symbols, intellects in void and gestures steeped in forgotten names. First words, first forms. I remember when you and I first spoke through succinct statements, forever eluding conventional meanings, strange to others".



    A compilation by the Unidentified Video Observatory. Built, on the one hand, from moving images from the early days of cinema, when the interiority of the image and the representation of intimacy in front of the camera reflected a humble innocence not yet reduced by the technocratic context of the medium. On the other hand, this compilation contains the punctual contrast of synthetic contemporary imaginaries in what we could consider a dissolved intimacy of the image. "The outer garden" captures landscapes and residents from two distant eras. Between the deaf ferocity of contemporary media and the silent image of the early cinema. A practical essay on the phantasmagoric interiority of the early moments of the moving image and its disintegration into trends and behaviors of disoriented crowds among media mirrors.


    • Twelve frames per second
    • Aroma of Perfection
    • Master Monster
    • Socialite
    • Sixty frames per second