Guyana’s Victor Jara Collective may have produced just two films: The Terror and the Time (1978, 75’, 16mm) andIn the Sky’s Wild Noise (1983, 29’, 16mm), as an example"  of a politically committed and formally radical approach to documentary filmmaking, their intervention remains unique in the relatively short history of indigenous Caribbean cinema production.

Named in honour of the Chilean musician and dissident Victor Jara, the collective was influenced by the New Latin American and Third Cinema movements as well as the theories of Soviet montage and the European avant-garde. The collective—born out of a Marxist study group at Cornell University—aimed to create work that explored Guyana’s own political, social and economic struggles as a newly postcolonial nation.
The Terror and the Time
The Terror and the Time

Victor Jara Collective, Rupert Roopnaraine, Ray Kril, Susumu Tokunow, Gloria Lowe, Lewanne Jones.

1978, Guyana, Netherlands, United States of America. vo English. 70’