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Ray Kril was born in New Jersey, USA. He is currently living and working in Thailand. Prior to coming to Thailand he had been living and teaching film at Limkokwing University in Malaysia where he also did several productions.He has lived and worked on documentary projects for TV for 20 years in the Netherlands. Kril has had more than 48 year’s media production experience as a cameraperson, editor, director, actor and producer. He has lived and worked in the media in the USA, Netherlands, Guyana and Suriname with production experiences in at least a dozen other countries including: Cuba, Romania, Russia, Brazil, Albania, India, Germany and England.

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The Terror and the Time
The Terror and the Time

Victor Jara Collective, Rupert Roopnaraine, Ray Kril, Susumu Tokunow, Gloria Lowe, Lewanne Jones.

1978, Guyana, Netherlands, United States of America. vo English. 70’