Winter’s End

Winter’s End /OVNI 2020

WINTER'S END is a reading of the OVNI Archives that weaves together testimonies of the present and the recent past, as well as intuitions of that which exists outside of time. A videographic journey through the OVNI Archives that retrieves some of the most emblematic pieces from previous editions, incorporates new works, and brings to light videos that have never been shown. It is also a journey through the work of Toni Serra- Abu Ali, encompassing works that he made under his own name, others under a pseudonym, and some anonymously, rewriting archival images. A showcase of the collective, rhizomatic work of the OVNI community over the years in four sessions on the sleep and wakefulness of our days, on being adrift in times of maximum volatility, and on memory, beyond illusion.

WINTER'S END is held in memory of Toni Serra-Abu Ali, who met with death on 21 November 2019. Co-founder of OVNI and author of an important and extensive video oeuvre, the OVNI 2020 programme is guided by some of his works. 

2020 - Yeswework

Bergamo, the massacre that employers chose not to prevent.

The Italian region most devastated by Covid-19 is an industrial hub. It was never declared a red zone due to pressure from the employers association. The cost in human lives has been catastrophic. (Alba Sidera, Roma, 10/04/2020).

They want us to continue with our previous lives. The do it using a pincer strategy: first they spread fear and then they appeal for us to work "together". But it is the people who go to work who risk their lives, for inadequate salaries, while those at the top share the profits among themselves. What we have to do now is imagine other forms to live and rise above fear.