Between Worlds *1

CRA’P in collaboration with the Archives OVNI – Observatory of Video Not Identified, presents a video program with a subsequent discussion about the intermediate world: between the visible and the invisible, sleep and wakefulness ...

Une Jeunesse Allemande

Une Jeunesse Allemande by Jean-Gabriel Périot, tells the history of the Rote Armee Fraktion - RAF (or Red Army Faction, a German revolutionary terrorist group from the 1970s founded notably by Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof) as well as the images generated by this story. The film is entirely produced by editing preexisting visual and sound archives and aims to question viewers on the significance of this revolutionary movement during its time, as well as its resonance for today’s society.

Where is my tribe

"Loneliness is on the rise. "Mainstream discourse hides the fact that the ‘normal’ situation of a 40-hour working week, plus daycare, plus grandma for tricky times, does not just leave room for improvement, it is downright unacceptable.” Carolina del Olmo.

Erik Gandini documentary, "The Swedish Theory of Love" and talk / debate with Carolina Del Olmo, author of the book "Where is my tribe".

The Other City

Documentaries and pieces of video art provide multiple readings of the concept of the city and offer complex, antagonistic insights into different Mediterranean metropolises.

Right to Move

Right to move / Llibertat de Moviment. De fronteres internes i externes a col·laboracions, línies de fuga i perspectives". Del 23 al 26 de maig de 2016 al Goethe-Institut Barcelona. El programa ens apropa a diferents aspectes de la migració a través de les intervencions i debats protagonitzats per persones i col·lectius que treballen contra la vulneració dels drets de les persones migrants, la discriminació i el racisme.

1994 / 1995 - Oigo Voces

OVNI - La 12 Visual - Salón Autónomo - Conservas