Explorations at Dusk

Explorations at Dusk are eleven videographic sessions around the image-magic-artifice continuum, initially presented at the Santa Mònica Arts Center in Barcelona. Each session has been prepared by the Unidentified Video Observatory or in proximity collaborations. In a second phase, adaptations of the different projects will be published in the web context, at Desorg Dot Org.

Archive Readings

Annotations from the Unidentified Frame Observatory Archive - Desorg Dot Org.

Silence in the Awakening of the Worlds

If a world awakens among us, we do not remain the same.

We have embarked on a research process that will look into the silence in which certain images alter a person’s life when they collide with it, triggering a “reworking” of the stories that this life tells itself.

Shine of a Perfect Sphere

Far limits of an illusion.

"Running after a mirage is a permanent job without end"

Territories of the Soul

A dialogue with the filmmaker Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd and the videomaker Alessandro Quaranta, around the concept of lost territories - physical and existential - for and because of which communities resist, fight or flee: the Saharawis, the Armenians and the Yezidis. A reflection on the violence embedded in any war whether low or high intensity in terms of the human loss, sorrow and suffering that it entails.  What cinema can do about all this, in facing these wars, whether there or in other places, which seem to be eternal?.


CRA’P in collaboration with the Archives OVNI – Observatory of Video Not Identified, presents a video program with a subsequent discussion about the limits that separate the existing from the void: between erosion of time and oblivion, sleep and wakefulness, presence and absence.


The OVNI Archives - Observatori de Vídeo No Identificat presents in collaboration with The Rojava Film Commune, a wandering video research project: Rewend.