Workshop with the Bornlab Community Studies Group

Unidentified Video Observatory Constellations

Assaig sobre la ressonància entre els «oasis» que resisteixen a l'extensió del desert i les  constel·lacions de l'Observatori de Vídeo No Identificat (desorg punt org). — El Programa d'Estudis Independents (PEI) del MACBA, 2023-2024, «On són els oasis?», ens va convidar a fer una sessió a la fi d'abril 2023 com a projecte local d'arxiu, recerca i autoria. — El text a continuació és un fragment de la nostra intervenció.


Here is a memory or recollection of a research project on communication in the network age. It is not meant to summarise or capture it. Like any other memory, it is partial and distorted. It does not serve as a recipe, nor as a way forward, but to provoke ideas and inspire anyone who wants to open their own research on this or any of the topics.

Territories of the Soul

A dialogue with the filmmaker Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd and the videomaker Alessandro Quaranta, around the concept of lost territories - physical and existential - for and because of which communities resist, fight or flee: the Saharawis, the Armenians and the Yezidis. A reflection on the violence embedded in any war whether low or high intensity in terms of the human loss, sorrow and suffering that it entails.  What cinema can do about all this, in facing these wars, whether there or in other places, which seem to be eternal?.

Around Darkness

Workshop with Scott Barley.

We enter into the night and darkness as the basis of vision.

His Name Was Not Frankenstein

A reading sequence by sequence of Dr. Frankenstein 1931, by Falconetti Peña.

2017 - The Unseen Workshop

A workshop with Toni Serra Abu Ali

From forced invisibility to permanent exhibition in the panopticon. The image as a veil. Tunnels of reality. The reality of the dream. Crossing the other side. On contemplation. The one and the multiple.

The right time of revolution

Andrea Cavalletti and Marcello Tarì, workshop about a political genealogy of the impeachment as well as everything that is at stake in determining the right time for the revolution.