El Amor es tu destino
2010, 10 minutes.

“Do not be sad, my son, you are destined to fall in love.”



Al Barzaj
2010, 14 minutes.

Al Barzaj is a poem about the halfway world, between the visible and the invisible, sleep and wakefulness.



Satsanga (en compañia de la realidad)
2012, 19 minutes.

A conversation recorded in the 70 in Mumbai (India) .. between a traveler and Nisarghadata Indian philosopher, author of "I am That", one of the most recent and important examples of Advaita Vedanta.



El Canto de la Abubilla
2015, 28 minutes.

"Traveler traveling without more luggage than imagination".



Trance with the Green Man
2015, 8 minutes.

A quest for al Khadir, the inner master.



Sol de Medianoche
2016, 11 minutes.

"In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors." [William Blake]



7 Contemplaciones
2016, 10 minutes

“You can see a bird in flight and watch to observe it, or feel that you are flying with it. That is contemplation, becoming the other.” Hafiz.



En el camino de las abejas
2018, 47 minutes.

In a time that is becoming difficult for bees (as for us) In a year of severe drought, in a country that is already often arid, taking the path of bees has been to make a journey through moors and mountains, but also through states of mind, obstacles and encounters .. until reach their generous garden.