The Center as the Border. Zones of Being and not Being.

March 3, 2016

  • 11:00
    Meeting with Pedro Jiménez and Lucas Tello.

    Aula 1 CCCB.

    An informal, small-scale gathering to pick up the previous day's discussion, continue to explore some aspects and introduce new ones.
    [limited capacity]


  • 18:00
    Los Muros de Europa

    Screening. Hall and auditori CCCB.

    Chronicles of the journey of refugees through Hungary, Croatia, and Serbia September 2015.

  • 18:25
    Neither Here nor There

    Screening. Hall and auditori CCCB.

    In a bid to reach a better life, hundreds of Moroccan kids sneak into Melilla, a Spanish enclave in the north of Morocco. This is the story of Said, a deaf Moroccan boy stuck in this Spanish portion of Africa, awed by a false sense of prosperity, tries to jump into one of the many boats that will take him to the peninsula and eventually to the fulfillment of his European dream.

  • 18:36
    Lettre à la Republique

    Screening. Hall and auditori CCCB.

    A letter to the republic to all those racists with hypocritical tolerance
 To all those who built their nations on blood
 now portraying themselves as preachers.

  • 19:00
    Migration Control System, Whiteness and Eurocentrism

    Intervention. Hall and auditori CCCB.

    Generally speaking, public discussion, research studies, and news reports regarding migration processes focus on exhaustively counting, analysing, describing, and questioning the migrant population. The camera spotlight, newspaper headlines, and political debates portray the migrant population as a problem to be resolved though integration, persecution, and forced expulsion, thus normalising the violence of the migration control system.
    This talk approaches the current situation from a different perspective, exploring the legal systems created by European governments to regularise violence against the migrant population. It also looks at the exaltation and constant defense of pro-colonial symbols and narratives as a means of supporting racialized structures, and the role of Europe's human rights and charity industry within the framework of systematic violence.

  • 20:30

    Screening. Hall and auditori CCCB.

    Tarajal: Dismantling Impunity on the Southern Border is a documentary research project by the production company Metromuster, which previously produced the influential activist documentary Ciutat Morta. It has been commissioned by Observatori DESC, which is collaborating in the research process. Tarajal is based on statements from migration experts, journalists, lawyers, police spokespersons, and activists, as well as official declarations from the Interior Ministry, edited together to reveal the many contradictions in the accounts of the events leading to the death of 15 migrants at Tarajal. Above all, it suggests that the events may not have simply been a matter of police negligence, but part of a strategy designed for the application of migration control policies.