Screening and performing
Tuesday June 14 2022, 7pm - 8.15pm.
Centre d'Arts Santa Mònica, Sala Bar (level 1)
Free entrance

Simona Malatesta, Lili Marsans, Vicente Barbarroja.

«In reality, we are always already in the heart of a sense that cannot be externalized: the sense of the line that the artist draws, of the music that says but does not mean, of the thought that meditates but does not project, of the action that does not have the fruit as an objective.»
Gianni Carchia, L’amore del pensiero

silenci mons

silenci mons

silenci mons


After the first invitation to the trip, in this second meeting we make an incursion into the visionary experience. An experience that is not active and voluntary, but "in the heart of a non-externalizable sense", that is to say, from a disposition to listen, to a certain passive receptivity, to a "becoming a channel", it allows a transfiguration of reality to occur.
Today, there is too much light. There is so much light that even the stars have been disappearing from the sky. It is as if the night never comes, as if the night will not be allowed to pass.

Everything has to be illuminated under the light of the interrogation, things have to be clear and distinct, catchable, defined. They must be one thing or the other. Everything seems so clear, and nevertheless…

And nevertheless, in the darkness that falls in the night comes the madness that we make because we make it together, the unforgettable experience, the adventure that is not what happens, but that which, in what happens, beckons us and calls us to the limit of the expressible. In the darkness that enters the night we leave behind the fear that reality should give us, finally breaking the melancholy and the anguish of "There is no alternative".

Silence in the awakening of the worlds arises from some intuitions, such as there is always more reality than it seems, that there are cracks and passages where the worlds are born, but that to reach them it is necessary to hold on to the saturation, to open, for a moment, a path in the darkness on which let-it-be the deepest silence, that which is driven by the seas, the wind and the stars.

We invite you today to consult a profane oracle.

We will provoke the subversive power of a vision that is beyond what the "external" senses or the "internal" sensations give us, the Tarot of the present to come from Barcelona, an oracular game to glimpse, on the threshold where presence is linked to and detached from the world, the transfiguration of reality. An overture to a magical force, elusive and momentary force that is given in the pure unintentional communication of the souls.

The observation alters the observed and…

"Only the eye of the heart sees the invisible things" (Richard de Saint Victor).

A Tarot is a kind of oracle.
Every oracle contains an enigma.
Every enigma is a challenge.
In this way we recover a privileged entrance to the mystery.

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