Tuesday February 15 2022, 19h - 20:15h.
Centre d'Arts Santa Mònica, Sala Bar (level 1)
Free entrance, limited capacity.

Desorg.org / Basik Kubasik

Name Fading Tomorrow, from the series Shine of a Perfect Sphere, a research and practice study in the context of desorg.org on data, still and moving image environments near collapse. It proposes permutations of pre-existing judgments and media materials, through musical sessions, derivations of time sequences in an attempt to distill clarity and expressiveness from excess. Subjectivity, mirages and also luminous indications in an age inevitably immersed in the unknown.




    Shine of a Perfect Sphere

    Screening 59 minutes.


    Part 1 / WALLPAPER

    Guitar sessions over wallpaper backgrounds of memory and hope. Mirages towards the geometry of the artificial horizon. Jet turbines, explosion engines of a time which never was. Stolen images, revered images and the echo of clonic repetition.


    No Fadding Tomorrow

    No Fadding Tomorrow

    No Fadding Tomorrow


    Part 2 / I AM METAHUMAN

    Synthetic entities display strange acting talents. Organic beings remember ancient traditions and develop unmatched abilities between expressions of fear and reverie.


    No Fadding Tomorrow

    No Fadding Tomorrow

    No Fadding Tomorrow


    Reversed by Basik Kubasik in 2021 / www.kubasik.biz 
    a project for the Non Identified Vide Observatory  / www.desorg.org


    The interpreter of this research project doesn't claim no ownership of contained source data. 
    This is a non-profit media interpretation made solely for the purpose of study. 
    Media study, solely for review or critical analysis.