• Xavi Hurtado

    Tuesday November 8 / tuesday November 22 2022, 19:00h - 20:00h
    Centre d'Arts Santa Mònica, Sala Bar

    Free entry.


    November 8 2022
    The cloud is in the atmosphere - part one:
    It is certainly an unquestionable improvement for everyone.


    November 22 2022
    The cloud is in the atmosphere - part two:
    Memories of tomorrow.


    El Nubol
    Monserrat Gisbert


    without a doubt it is an unquestionable improvement for all…

    The cloud is in the atmosphere is an audiovisual archive of anecdotes created from a series of interviews. A work in progress registered above all in the counties of Gerona. Mainly in three geriatric centers in Arbucies, La Garriga and El Esquirol. Interviews with volunteer, non-expert and ordinary people. Many of them peasants.



    El Nubol
    Maria Garuleda, Fausto Jutribo and Jordi Parés Parcet


    The fabulous and aggressive technological acceleration of recent years is not a novelty, since it is a structural part of the system like the crisis. Nor has it entered easily but with a shoehorn, false promises and little by little but without pause. The tremendous speed of what happened makes any evaluation difficult. Everything is hidden, it is important that nothing has happened. Technological gadgets and their discursive devices change, but who speaks, what they say and how they vary little or it could be said that they are the same although it seems impossible to put a face on them. Exorbitant profits have been made available to economic lobbies (unknown to date in the history of capitalism) while extremely serious disorders have been created for individuals and communities under the approval of the political caste and in the name of progress, the common good.

    The cloud wants to stage transformations in the management of the real, brought about by new devices, well known to all. Also in the perception of identity, control, communication, public/private and reality.

    This work is a small set of testimonies from nameless people who want to record fears, imaginaries, desires, expectations, failures, intuitions, confusions, alterations and “real” transformations in their daily lives. It is a messy story with a certain structure and from ordinary people. Most of the elder people interviewed are women, and questions of gender and class arise horizontally in the dialogues, who has controlled technology in the family nucleus and in rural areas, until recently. Like all stories, it looks back and is told, as before, by elder people. Today they are an excluded and hidden group for a spectacle that is always young, handsome, smiling and in a society in unquestionable improvement.



    El Nubol
    Maria Colomer Alsina


    "This work will be presented in the form of two video-realizations, on November 8 and 22. There will be two selections ordered in different ways, from among the sixty interviews carried out. The assembly has been carried out having as a center the different personal characteristics of the interviewees. A little to make room for his human form but without becoming a portrait. To reflect the idiosyncrasy, the elusive, the genius that may always be behind the interviewee and the opinions -embodied- behind the interview. I have avoided all my interventions, and I have put them in the form of texts (intertitles or subtitles at the foot of the image) so that they interfere as little as possible with the image and the voice of the people speaking".

    Xavi Hurtado




    • Residencia Hermanas Hospitalarias de la Santa Cruz, Arbúcies.
    • Residencia Nuestra Señora del Pilar, La Garriga.
    • Residencia Casal de la Santa Cruz. L´Esquirol.
    • Maricarmen Medrano Pavia