"I am part of the sun as my eyes are part of me. My feet know full well that they are part of the earth and my blood that it is part of the sea."
DH Lawrence, Revelation.



    In the trip both initiatory and geographical, we went out to meet ourselves and the world, an encounter that was given as a mystery in the "letting be" (releasement) destined to things. Letting be (releasement) destined to things lived as an opening to the gift of the unheard of.

    In the vision, we awaken the inner senses and we are ready to listen, to let new images come, arriving spontaneously from the flow of mythical images or extra-human images, between sleep and wakefulness.

    At the threshold, intermediate zone of indistinction between the sensible and the intelligible, body and spirit, dream and wakefulness, we arrive at the room where the fundamental rhythmic sets or emotional tonalities that define a situation resound. Relational place where our participation in the world is knotted and unknotted.

    The threshold is what is at stake, it is the place that tries to be occupied by hostile forces. Occupation that seeks to define what is real and what is not, what can be dreamed and what cannot, what can be yearned for and what is crazy or stupid to yearn for.

    For us it is about clearing the threshold, sweeping away, from the opening to the world, all low, sad and petty reality, like the ghost of an interest that isolates us, or the siege of a fear that encloses and blocks us. On the threshold it is about freeing ourselves from the obsession that everything must be ordered, that we must plan and manage every last detail of a awfully brief life, and stop resisting the vertigo of birth and death, get rid of the fear of the abyss in the encounter with the unexpected, just as we must let pass the flow of visionary, hallucinatory gestures and images that reconnect us with the world. "At the hour of revolt, we cease to be alone in the city" (Furio Jesi). To stop resisting, to let pass, holding hands, because nothing is separate on earth.

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