/ Number stood on the edge.

  • To imagine what the future might hold, by GPT-3.5.

    In the outer world, Number stood alone, staring into the vast unknown. The emptiness stretched out before him, seemingly infinite, a void that he could barely comprehend. He had no choice but to imagine what lay ahead, to envision a future that was yet to be revealed. But every time he thought he had it figured out, the void collapsed around him, leaving him adrift in an endless sea of nothingness. He was forced to start all over again, to imagine what the future might hold, to begin the process of making sense of the world once more.



    Sisyphus, Titian, 1548/1549.



    Sisyphus, BlueWillow V4, 2023.


    It was a cycle that never seemed to end, a never-ending loop of creation and destruction. Number would build his understanding of the world, brick by brick, only to watch it all come crashing down again. Each time, he was left with nothing but the void, a reminder of the endless possibilities that lay ahead.

    It was a daunting task, one that would have defeated many others. But Number was resilient, determined to make sense of the world and his place in it. He knew that he could never truly conquer the void, but he was willing to keep trying, to keep imagining and exploring, to see what lay beyond the boundaries of what was known. And so, he continued on his journey, eyes fixed on the horizon, always moving forward into the unknown.