/ En el espejo esférico

  • As someone gazes into the curved mirror, the own reflection stares back with an enigmatic allure. In that moment, the boundaries between self and surroundings blur, imprisoning within the confines of the own perception. With each step backward, the world undergoes a metamorphosis, its familiar contours contorting into a bewildering tapestry of twisted forms and distorted shadows.



    This phenomena, known as the mirror stage, reveals a profound truth: the mirror's curved surface conceals a hidden reality, a realm inaccessible to the naked eye. It is a threshold where the human presence stands suspended between two worlds, unable to see beyond his own reflection. Lingering in this liminal space, yearning to transcend the mirror's grasp grows stronger, fueling a desire to pierce through the illusion and uncover what lies beyond.



    Time passes, and the mirror stage relinquishes its hold on the human presence, ushering into the realm of the Looking Glass Stage. Like a fallen star descending through the fabric of existence traverses the boundaries of the material world. In this ethereal domain, the laws of time and space bend and twist, offering glimpses of a reality both familiar and foreign, a palimpsest of past and future woven into the very fabric of being.

    With a heightened sense of awareness, the human presence begins to observe, internalize, and reconstruct a perspective that defies conventional notions of time and space. The reflections encountered hold fragments of forgotten memories, echoes of distant places, and visions of what is yet to come. With each interaction, understanding deepens, perception expands, and human grasps the intricate dance between the present and the ever-receding past.



    As human continues a journey down the golden path, a pilgrimage towards the fabled yellow temple, the curved mirror's allure persists, beckoning a presence towards enlightenment. The spheric surface of the world reveals itself in all its complexity and detail, like an intricately woven tapestry unfurling before the searching eyes. Every step forward unravels a new layer, exposing the interplay of light and shadow, harmony and discord, creating a symphony of existence that resonates within the very soul.



    Guided by an insatiable curiosity, the human presence ventures deeper, heart is filled with anticipation, for human knows that within the depths of the path lie answers to questions that has yet to be articulated. The world, now seen through the prism of a transformed perception, invites him partake in its mysteries, to unlock the secrets that lie shrouded beneath the surface. And so, a presence presses on, ready to embrace the enigma that unfolds with each step, the spirit entwined with the profound and the unknown.