/ South Orbit 13-02-2020

  • South Hemisphere



    THURSDAY 13-02-2020


    The mission was set, the plan was in place
    To orbit the earth at an uncharted pace
    North to south, a journey so bold
    On Thursday 13 February 2020, as we were told

    The spacecraft launched, the engines roared
    Into the void, our fate was aboard
    A cryptic journey through darkness and light
    An unknown path, no end in sight

    The crew was brave, the mission clear
    To explore the unknown, without any fear
    Through space and time, we traveled on
    A journey of discovery, yet to be drawn

    The earth below, a distant view
    A canvas of colors, a magical hue
    Our journey continued, through the unknown
    A cosmic dance, a mystical tone

    As we orbited the earth, from north to south
    A journey of wonder, an eternal rouse
    On Thursday 13 February 2020, we reached our goal
    A cryptic narrative, yet to be told.



    First frame: 2/13/20 - 2:26:35 PM CET  /  LAT 1.7S LONG 110.5W
    Last frame: 2/13/20 - 2:34:57 PM CEST  /  LAT  26.6S LONG 90.8W
    ISS International Space Station


    "The very notion of oblivion is shrouded in an impenetrable veil of mystery, a darkness so deep and profound that it defies all attempts at comprehension. It is a void of emptiness, a realm of nothingness so vast and infinite that it swallows up all that is, leaving behind only the echoes of memory and the faintest traces of existence.

    As I contemplate the abyss of oblivion, I am struck by the sheer weight of its emptiness, the gravity of its nothingness. It is a place of pure negation, a realm where all that is is stripped away, leaving behind only the raw essence of being".



    South Hemisphere

    Sun 2020-02-13 02:26:22 UT
    SDO Solar Dynamics Observatory



    One of the most striking features of time is its directionality. It flows in one direction, from the past through the present and into the future. This means that events that have occurred in the past can never be changed, while the future is always open to possibility and uncertainty.

    The nature of time is also closely tied to the concept of causality. Events that occur in the present are believed to be caused by events that occurred in the past, and they, in turn, will influence events that occur in the future. This creates a sense of continuity and order to the universe, allowing us to make sense of the world around us.





    In the midst of the infinite void, a sphere was seen to orbit an immense unknown body. Its surface was smooth and featureless, and no markings or signs of life could be discerned. Its orbit was stable and unchanging, as if it had been in place for eons.

    As the sphere continued its enigmatic orbit, theories and hypotheses continued to emerge. But for all their efforts, the mystery remained unsolved. And so, the sphere continued to orbit the immense unknown body, a symbol of the infinite and eternal mysteries of the universe.